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Sadness begins in our experiences and starts creeping from our feet to our head. We wander like a lost child in the desert, as we grieve and long for a feeling that we seek, particularly when we get rejected or ignored. On the other hand, when we are happy, we just live through the thing that we love to do. Furthermore, these feelings affect how we write our poems, and how interpretations convey the picture of a specific piece.

Have you ever wondered why can you write fast and meaningful when you’re sad? That’s because you assume yourself as entirety of the poem. Imagine your experiences ; the pain, the heartbreaks and vile reminders of an obnoxious encounter. Sadness is a grave feeling that we used to hide but difficult to hold on. Moreover, it takes time to recover; to run away from the forest surrounded by the lonely vibes of the past. When you are unhappy, you lift yourself effortlessly in the air, only to permit overflowing ideas to crash through the humongous stones at the corners of our way of thinking. The state of despair also tells us that there is something that we should get rid out of our comfort zone, because we feel quite downcast behind the shadows that we cast. Visualize yourself walking the wintry mountain, cold and alone. You look for someone who can catch a fire for you but in reality you can’t even see them. Compared to poetry, the only person who can ignite spirits to commence elimination of unwanted emotions is you. You are the one who can set the fire to rain afterwards. In short, sorrow draws a response to us to make a way out, or shortcut to happiness.
Ever wonder why it is just hard to write when happy? Because when we are in summer-bound bliss, we enjoy the moment. When we are glad and floating in cloud nine, we are high like we never notice what is going on at the time except for eternal euphoria that seem to take the shape of our temporary emotions.So much for that, time ticks slower than usual when overjoy kills its tempo. Meanwhile, it glues yourself to that moment until you get tired and get over the fleeting ecstatic tickle. Then later you will just realize that it’s time to write poems again and you find it easier than before.


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(Originally written March 30,2014)

Back then were aliens and monsters
This time were mysteries I used to ponder
That always make me think
“How could they do that in a quick blink?”

I remembered one hazy March weather
When my bloodshot eyes unveiled a peculiar luster
All I’ve heard were trembling moans
That sound like sweet yet odd tones

Frozen in my bushy disguise
Like being stuck in an imaginary ice
I’ve witnessed the collision of incoming jet planes
The animals went wild in the wrong lanes

Unusual sightings continued to haunt me
As their temperatures rose unexpectedly
I couldn’t withstand the heat they’re giving
So I fell down in a ghostly building

Acids spat out on each other’s beak
Slender tongues simultaneously licked
As my tummy growled in disgust
Recovering from that gruesome blast

Tongue-twister speaking
While swiftly escaping
The dense, dark woods of ostriches
That gave me hundreds of stitches

My eyes close by themselves

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In just a blink

you sink


In just a flip

you sleep


In just a finger snap

you swap


Just in time my eyes close



Sink in the deep blue

Sleep in a white hue

Swap your soul from a mild dew to a mindless clue.


You are the lightest cotton ever lived

The flame shining fieriest, so naive

Still, you can’t be lit

Your candle is melted and split.


Are these true?

Are they real?

Are they new?

Are these surreal?


It’s drilling in my head

The pain, the memories

It’s quaking under my bed

The past, the miseries

It’s boring in my skin

The thoughts, the regrets

It’s dripping down my chin

The tears, the threats


Those are just walls

When I’m stone-walling

Those are just imageries

When I’m imagining

Not even knowing

That nightmares are dreams too


Until I close my eyes

And my tears drip, then





This time, my eyes close by themselves.


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Contemporary Abstract Painting "Fleeting Memory" by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton.

Contemporary Abstract Painting “Fleeting Memory” by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton.

Smoky questions

ready to sink

in any place, anytime

time fades like

specks of powder

in moon-bound volcano

harassed by thunder cries

blessed by ashed feathers

down to crimson lake

stupid call of nature

a shout out to fellows

in yellow arrows going up

the lone shrill of glee

crossing across rivulets

overflowing with mystic tears

where finest drops are harvested

tunes sway in folks’ heads

stringing every fiber

of time and space

things harnessed

from best lights of future

seem temporary, leaving easily

momentary presents handed

to match expectations

but still remain as illusions.

Just A Dream

Posted: February 9, 2015 in LOVE, POETRY
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Today I was bothered fast

By an alarm that didn’t last

I was awakened, she’s gone!

And left my house with things undone!

Packed the stuffs I’ll carry

And be ready for a journey

I conditioned myself for a while

Then began walking an endless mile

First, I traversed the Amazon rainforests

Just to find you, my toughest test

Though beasts and tribes are chasing

I’ve searched, but I ended up nothing and running!

Nearly hopeless yet I soon landed

Sahara desert though Im half-dead

I roamed the vast land under the scorching heat

You’re not there again, so I lose my heartbeat

My cold nostalgia chilled me longing

Yet I’ve arrived in Antartica, panting

Amidst blizzards and hailstorms, I laid a vow

That how harsh fate is, I won’t give up somehow

Finally I set sail to Pacific Ocean

Swam the azure water with sharks and crustaceans

Dived to the darkest bottom to seek a light

A light of yours, my delight

I ended up nothing after the journey

Like losing in a tourney

Then suddenly, a soft hand touched my back

I shed tons of tears, she came back!

I thought I was forever cursed alone

My broken chords were finally toned

As this girl tuned my life to 123 hertz

To the flawless rhythm of our beating hearts

One day, we agreed to jump off the cliff

To prove our love till death, in a mid-air drift

About to fall headfirst, we held hands and screamed

Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream!!

The Fascination of an Introvert Boy

Posted: February 8, 2015 in POETRY
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The tale has opened its doors from a train

For the thirsty ears swimming in the rain

Rain reeking of hunger and twisted pain

Breezing along heartfelt, warm feelings, feigned

Egghead, oh what a package you’ve gotten!

That beauty behind lens makes one molten

“Wink, wink”, her black eyeballs can seal a soul

“Quiet”, one voice said, “quickly lie and roll.”

Some folks say she is a nerdy fairy

Lurking in corners, waiting quietly

Silencing preys with a venomous glare

A kiss in the heart, boys’ sweetest nightmare

Haha! You think it’s already over?

The dark tale continues to take over

The minds of the weak, enfeebling like leaf

Veins are pierced; flesh is ripped, bleeding green beef

Beware of the Goofy face’s killer smile

It will render you helpless for a while

Leaving you breathless, stuck in oily face

Seeing her deep eyebags will make you race

Terror looms in the eyes, shaking intensely

You can’t flee the growing intensity

“By the time your eyes and her’s interlock

She’ll tear you to shreds, there’s no more big luck”

Long dead and long gone yet the fog covers up

A fancy myth which sets a chancy trap

Look to your left, to your right, there she goes

At your back, or above, sneaking like ghost

Witness men say that she’s cold, smoking hot

Face almost in perfection, red lips but

Don’t fall for her, ’cause she’s a heartbreaker

Just keep your cool, she’ll be good as ever

Vicious storm brews, stars glow from afar

The rumors buzz like huge bugs trained in war

“Don’t go near her”, a lady once told me

I’m reckless so I risk a chance to see

A glint of silver fills her auburn hair

The fragrance of the place mixes with air

People called her as a heartless stunner

But to those who see the realest, she’s summer

Of all tales told and passed from time to time

These tales are making me wasting some time

Tasting messages with shallow thinking

I don’t know how I ended with this thing

And of all stories about weird women

Committing a perfect crime to few men

Those girls jog in my head, blowing my mind

And sand escapes from hourglass, crawling fine

“Wait, where did introvert boy go?”, I ask

Flip a page, hear a tale, throw a coal mask

He’s missing ’cause he’s just here, still glimpsing

To girls like autumn, making him falling.


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Sun sparkles through leaves

Breeze tickling evergreen stems

Splendid nature grin.


Black Dress

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White floats in darkness

Rather dull, beauty stays firm

Shadows guide her well.

Fallen 44

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Comrades carrying their comrades' caskets

Comrades carrying their comrades’ caskets

hard concrete ground breaks,nation mourns in chorus

feet of comrades take slow, soulful steps into an

eternal sanctuary weaved for the brave souls

to rest in opal solitude full of white roses

the day when lives drifted helplessly

in battlefield,in front of bloodthirsty

monsters,behind the steel guns

wrapped in cloth of cruelty

quilted by selfish actions

tinted by black deeds

greed, and dying

peace for them

but not for



storm fires rain

incessant meteors

came from 3 directions

lightning exchange of  quick,

tiny trains in action, heartlessly

maiming the camouflage trees into

a mass butchery, brown branches start

to lose color, barks rust in a fading motion

except for high-spirited hearts inside the leaves

lately, forty-four leaves also collapse during the fall

humbly join hands,golden sunbeams head to God above.

sheep with same wool bath in ephemeral, spiral tears

solemn memories of the fallen rise fresh in roaring

cascades,where waters are blue and new like

a sparkling sapphire frowning in the jade

crystals that once shone on their faces

a filament of blue,red, yellow and

white, myriad of true golds

now resting in stellar

ships, carried by

fellow friends

down to a



Spoiled Milk

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Spoiled milk photo from

Distasteful storm brews

Whipping curdled tornadoes

Drastic flavor jumps



Weird yung topic na ito para sa akin at hindi sa akin ito nanggaling. Yun lang ang masasabi ko sa kaklase kong nagbigay ng topic na ito XD