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Life is a beautiful trap but this trap can be in the form of blessing in disguise. You felt thankful three hours ago when your parents didn’t permit you to leave. They wanted you to be safe. Unknowingly, you didn’t know what happened. If they let you leave, you could have ended dead in the bus that you were about to ride few moments ago.

I recall the times when I was 14 years old. I asked my teacher if she sees God.

“Have you already seen Him ma’am?”

“No. I just felt His presence.”

This made me curious. If people don’t see God, why do they pray? I get more doubtful of His existence. If God isn’t here,then where is He? If God is invisible, does he speak or at least feel?

It worried me: why can’t I see Him?

“Have you felt depressed or alone?”. A voice came from behind. I got shivers and I grew tensed. “Come here, I’ll help you.” The chills became more intense.

I didn’t see Him anywhere but his voice speaks his whereabouts. He was there, sitting on the corner, waiting for me. This was no concrete corner. When I mean corner of something pertains to the corner of our faith.

A strong faith is a foundation of strong belief. We need to unlearn many things, the same way that we learn new ones. But I don’t know where to hide or where to….

“Where will you run?”

I ran to Him. I’m not a fully devoted Christian. I don’t go to church every Sundays. I tell him, “Does it make me sinful?”. I’m slowly getting to the point of curling. “No, I loved you.” was his response. “If people don’t love you, I will love you relentlessly.”

He has this selfless love that is rarely seen on the streets. If you feel unloved, let Him know. He will love you with His mild grace.

If you are born poor, it won’t mean that you will also die as poor. You are already sufficient with His Grace. Just so you don’t know the importance of small things.

If you are weak, He will lift you up. Just so you don’t know the importance of a healthy spiritual living.

If you are sad, he will turn those frowns into rainbow smiles. Just so you don’t know the rain and sunlight: the problems and hopes.

He will hold your hand until your fears return to the deep wells of your negativities. We ask for forgiveness of our sins and He stays true in His word.

We don’t see him physically but his radiance is pure. His love to us can’t be measured in terms of money or time. He just needs your time. You just need to be patient.

Where is God?

Here, in my side.




Singlehood – Is it a big deal?

Posted: April 10, 2017 in LOVE

single Being single – one of the loneliest feelings that one can ever experience.

You are with your friend; walking in the park, shopping at the mall and going to school together. Suddenly, you feel something thunderous. Yes it’s just a feeling towards a friend but admit it, there’s a bout of shuddering shakes quaking inside you. You can’t say a word. There’s a single time you run out of words to express. But who knows, that feeling is still mystic and unknown at the same time. Most people are afraid of being single forever. Truly they need someone to be with. Someone who can pour them a heavy dose of happiness. Someone who can fill their emptiness and replace their frowns with smiles reaching miles to miles. Someone who can pluck the stars from the heavenly tree. Something like those.

They say that the more loyal you are, the more you can get disappointments. The logic is, the more you expect a perfect relationship, the more you will end up with a downhill roll. Problem is, we always look for a quintessential soulmate. Her eyes match her lips, her nose suits the shape of her face. Her attitude fits the way she speaks. The other downside is, if we can’t find our desired qualities in a person, we tend to break from those bonds worth freeing. As if we sometimes cling on a tendency of another wrong encounter again. And there goes another slap of disappointment.

Do you want to be single forever?

I get used to hearing this question as if they encourage you to be in a relationship. People, especially teens, mostly below my age (okay include my age if you want to), are always active when the talking gets more intriguing about singlehood. They take it as a serious matter which should be given attention. I don’t think so, but the burgeoning mindsets of young people snowball in reality. I believe that the t.v. shows have an immense effect on their minds since a lot of shows portray heartbreak and love affair.

You could be single forever if you want to, and it could become a habit that you can carry the rest of your life. Singlehood is more of self-discovering: how and why you treasure yourself first before anything else. It buys you more time to know yourself better. It reveals your flaws and it suggests what you can improve for yourself. Before knocking someone else’s door and tackling someone with your soft heart, be sure that you are already prepared for the consequences that might follow.

Before throwing your hopes to another person, be sure that the next time you hook someone up, you are more mature and stronger than before.

Singlehood not only teaches us to be independent; it also lets us learn to thrive in different environments and adapt to the various attitudes of the people that we met. It may sound easy to be in a relationship because the stomping call of love is inevitable yet you can condone your emotions to stay as neutral as possible. Nobody knows for sure but one thing is just sure: people who have been single for a long time will find a better partner( cause they know themselves much better with depth and understanding) than those who rush for nothing, only to end in tears and tissue papers.

Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 15, 2015 in LOVE, POETRY
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Abstract Painting from

Abstract Painting from

eyes are glued, feeling’s taped

nothing can tamper the tight bonds

circling between two people

who are victims of stupid cupid

arrows strikes the innermost layer

everywhere, I only see a common figure

those red hues fill numerous cheeks

outnumbering the firefly-lit skies

gleaming hugs are still brighter

coming from luminous bodies

kisses perfectly baked

just for two persons

yet I feel “I’m not the only one”

who loves this day more than a sugar rush

heart bothers everyone when it’s beating.


Just A Dream

Posted: February 9, 2015 in LOVE, POETRY
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Today I was bothered fast

By an alarm that didn’t last

I was awakened, she’s gone!

And left my house with things undone!

Packed the stuffs I’ll carry

And be ready for a journey

I conditioned myself for a while

Then began walking an endless mile

First, I traversed the Amazon rainforests

Just to find you, my toughest test

Though beasts and tribes are chasing

I’ve searched, but I ended up nothing and running!

Nearly hopeless yet I soon landed

Sahara desert though Im half-dead

I roamed the vast land under the scorching heat

You’re not there again, so I lose my heartbeat

My cold nostalgia chilled me longing

Yet I’ve arrived in Antartica, panting

Amidst blizzards and hailstorms, I laid a vow

That how harsh fate is, I won’t give up somehow

Finally I set sail to Pacific Ocean

Swam the azure water with sharks and crustaceans

Dived to the darkest bottom to seek a light

A light of yours, my delight

I ended up nothing after the journey

Like losing in a tourney

Then suddenly, a soft hand touched my back

I shed tons of tears, she came back!

I thought I was forever cursed alone

My broken chords were finally toned

As this girl tuned my life to 123 hertz

To the flawless rhythm of our beating hearts

One day, we agreed to jump off the cliff

To prove our love till death, in a mid-air drift

About to fall headfirst, we held hands and screamed

Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream!!

Hindi siya makatingin ng diretso sa akin. Mga mata niya’y tila naliligaw ng landas.

Tinatanong ko siya sa isang bagay na gusto kong malaman. Umuurong na nga ang kanyang dila sa bawat bitaw niya ng salita. Nagtatanong lang naman ako ngunit bakit parang may tinatago siya?

“Tumingin ka sa aking mga mata at sagutin ang aking katanungan. Totoo ba na …..?”

Sumagot siya at pinaanod sa hangin ang lahat ng salitang kanyang itinapon sa aking mukha. Ngunit parang may bagay na nagtatago sa anino ng bawat salita. Hindi ko mawari kung anino nga ba ito o liwanag. Makikinig na lang ako sa kanya. Malamig ang kanyang mga sinabi dahil tagusan ang mga ito sa aking buto. Nang sinimulan mong ibuka ang iyong bibig, nag-aapoy ang aking mga mata na makita ang susi upang buksan ang saradong lagusan sa bawat letrang iyong nililikha. Alam niya siguro yung pakiramdam na alam ko na ang mga sinasabi niya bago pa niya ito sabihin. Sa bawat kumpas ng kanyang dila at sa bawat pitik ng kanyang mga mata, may palatandaan na ko na nangyari na ito. De javu ba kung tawagin.

Ang ngiting nagnanakaw ng aking pagmamasid at ang ordinaryong kilos niyang hindi mapakali. Parang alam ko na ito. Tinanong ko siya nang paulit-ulit. Hindi ko iniinda kung mapaos ako sa katatanong dahil ang mahalaga ay mapaamin ko siya.Hinawakan ko pa ang balikat niya at tinanong ko ulit siya. Ang tanging sagot lang niya ay hindi.

Sinabihan ko siyang sinungaling.Napakasinungaling niya kung sasabihin niyang ayos lang siya samantalang nakita ko siyang umiiyak sa isang sulok noong isang linggo. “Bakit ka ganyan?”, tanong ko sa kanya. Tumungo lang siya at hindi umimik. Alam niya rin sigurong nagsisinungaling ako. Nagsinungaling akong wala akong pake sa kanya ngunit sa katunayan ay nadudurog ang puso ko sa tuwing nakikita ko siyang umiiyak.Hindi ko siya matiis.Sa ilalim ng buwan, lumapit siya sa akin. Sumabay ang paglamig ng hangin sa paglamig ko sa kanya. Sa sandaling minutong lumipas, uminit ang paligid sa yakap niya sa akin.

Sabay sabi niyang ” Walang nagawa ang pagtanggi ko na hindi na kita mahal.Lalabas at lalabas din ang katotohanan dahil alam na natin ang isa’t -isa.”

Binalot ko sa kanya ang aking kanang braso habang nakahawak naman sa kanyang ulo ang kaliwa at pinagtapat ko sa kanya na ” Kahit anong pagtanggi ang gawin ko, hindi ko rin kayang iwan ka. Mas masasaktan lang pala ako kung lolokohin ko ang sarili ko.”

A Letter to Stranger

Posted: January 11, 2015 in LOVE
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time   sasas

A display of an irregular heartbeat of the boy while writing this letter to an imaginary recipient.

Dear Imaginary Soul,

I’m sure you’re not that used to reading a letter. But this time, please diffuse this time bomb that continuously ticks inside my heart. It keeps on emitting a sound that only one person could hear. It is destined just for you. The timer is so wicked that it only chooses its favorite victim. But please, don’t go. I will find a way to get rid of that sound. I just need you.

It’s hard to fall when someone’s not ready to catch. But I’m not assuming. After all this storm of unrequited love clouding on my mind, I know it’s still up to time. Things are just forming make-shift feelings I couldn’t abandon. I was soft for all I know, but you have no idea how hard my stiffened heartstrings are. It beats me up for I’m vulnerable to rejection. And I hate the breeze tickling my ears, suggesting that people could just ignore me every day. In every way, I become the witness of your elegance. My eyes are such fools if I say I haven’t seen an angel sent from above. So enticingly exceptional, your face is carved from finest ivories stolen from heavenly balconies. Only if I could touch your voice, this timer set to mine will fade in azure air. So to speak, your words count as a remedy to this malady.

I could take it all. Not paying attention to me every day is not a big deal nor the worst downside among all which is death. It tears me up as a hot sensation dictates me that I couldn’t keep in touch with you, even for a single moment. Frozen and tangled in vines that are constricting me, I will walk towards the path where you are. No matter how far or impossible. Even in seas, mountains, or jungles, I will make a way just to search the light inside you I’m longing.

You grew bored yesterday, you pouted. Seeds didn’t sprout last night because you didn’t shine on them. Mark my word, I will regain what has lost; the light of life you possessed. In return, please set me free from the bomb that haunts me. I also grew cold. I need your warmth. Let there be light which will rejuvenate my wounds of the past.

Night still remains unlit by your smile. But my feelings won’t change. Even a single move won’t make me give up.

But I have to accept the situation. We’re trapped in a dark predicament of not seeing tomorrow not by our eyes, but our hearts. I’m coward. I live in cotton-clad home. I badly need you. Nothing feels like home when you’re thousand miles away.I feel left alone, isolated,desolated. I was consumed by my own greed. It seems like morning’s too far away from our reach.

I hope this letter has arrived to you because it maybe my last. Receiving this letter would be a relief for me, even my demise is already pulling me out.

In no time, I would explode but please bear with me.Give me a soothing kiss I can’t forget.

For I know that things will not last anymore after a big blast.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Nameless Boy

3:25 p.m.

Ito ang isinulat kong liham ngayong hapon. Wala itong kinalaman sa akin. Wala rin akong maisip kaya kahit nakakaumay, gumawa naman ako ng isang kakaibang liham na nakasulat sa Ingles. Habang sinusulat ko ito, marami ang pumapasok sa aking isip.Simpleng bagay. Kumplikado. Lahat pasado. Basta ‘random’ ang mga isinusulat ko diyan pero isa lang ang tema.Isa lang ang istorya. Kung mababasa mo ito, maiuugnay mo ito sa mga naiimagine mong mga bagay. Sa lawak ng imahinasyon ng tao, mas nakakaisip siya kahit pa siya’y tamarin. Walang kanto sa pagsusulat. Kung gusto mo talagang magsulat, iisip ka at iisip ka pa ng mga paksang sumulpot lang sa inyong pag iisip.

‘Cliche’ ito o nakakasawa na para sa akin. Ngunit ito ang produkto ng imahinasyon na aking pinapahalagahan.


Takot ka?

Takot ka? Uulitin ko. Bakit ka natatakot? May nakaraan ka bang dumurog ng puso mo? Halika dito, sasamahan kita.Nababasa ko ang mukha mo ngayon. Umaapaw ang kalungkutan sa iyong noo.Bakas pa rin ang kirot sa iyong pisngi. Ang mata mong mapupungay ay lumubog na sa kanilang kinalalagyan.Malimit kang ngumiti at ako ang iyong saksi. Gaano ba kalakas ang bagyo na tumama sa iyo, na inabandona nito ang puso mong tigang.? Matalino ka ngunit alam kong hindi iyon sapat upang isantabi kaagad ang iyong mapait na sinapit. Masipag ka ngunit hindi pa iyon sapat na sipagin ka ring makalimot.

Kailangan mo ng mahabang oras? Bibigyan kita.Kailangan mo ng masasandalan? Ito ang balikat ko na magiging sandigan mo.Huwag kang mahiyang lumapit.Tutulungan kita.

Nababasa mo ito? Huwag mong tatanggalin ang iyong antipara sapagkat medyo malabo ang aking mga sinasabi.Ngunit sana,hawakan mo ang aking boses nang lubos mong maintindihan ang nais kong iparating.Pigain mo ang mga salita na aking binabato. Masakit pa rin sa iyo ang nangyari. Alam ko iyon.Alam ng nagsusumamo mong damdamin ang mahirap na sitwasyong ito.Nakakulong ka ngayon sa predikament na mahirap takasan. Alipin ka ng nakaraan. Punasan mo ang luha mo. Ayaw ko nang nakikita kang naghihikahos sa pighati.Kakalasin ko ang mga kadenang yumayakap sa iyo at papalitan natin ng makukulay na ilustrasyon.

Ngayon, tumayo ka na at ituro mo sa akin ang iyong mga kaibigan. Sila ba?

Hindi mo naituro sa akin ang iyong mga kasama.Bumulong ka sakin,”Sila”

Ituro mo sa akin ang iyong matalik na kaibigan. Siya ba?

Nanginginig ka.Hindi ko maipaliwanag. Ngunit bakit ka bumitaw? Bakit siya tumalikod? Ikinakahiya ka niya? Wala kang magawa? Halatang halata ang iyong nangangatal na tinig.Nakakakilabot ang kaganapang dinaanan ng kamay ng orasan.

Umuukit pa rin ang hapdi. Gusto mo nang isigaw ang iyong damdamin.May pumipigil sa iyo. May kamay na nakahawak nang mahigpit.Ito’y napakahigpit na humahantong sa pagkatiklop ng dating masayahin mong mukha. Makakabangon ka pa.Patunayan mong kaya mong mabuhay. Mali ang interpretasyon ko dito dahil hindi ko alam ang tumatakbo sa isip mo ngayon.Ikaw lang ang sadyang pag-asa ng iyong nararanasan. Nasa iyo pa rin ang pasya kung tutuldukan mo na ito. Nasa sa iyo kung ipagpapatuloy mo pa ito. Tandaan mo lang na nandito lang ako kahit anong mangyari. Aalalayan kita. Magtiwala ka.

Nais ko lang na ikaw ay maging matapang at malakas. Huwag kang magbabago kung sino man ikaw ngayon. Mahal ka ng maraming tao. Mahal ka ng pamilya mo. Sadyang may mga tao lang na makakasalamuha mo sa iyong buhay, pansamantala.

Tapat ka sa kanila. Matitinag ka nila ngunit hindi ang puso mong nababalutan ng bakal. Lilinisin natin ang kalawang na sagabal. Gagamutin ko ang sugat mo. Lulunurin kita ng payo na hindi mo makakalimutan. Isang kalabit lang nandiyan na ako.Mas mabilis pa sa alas dos ang aking tugon.Sana maliwanagan ka na sa mga aking sinambit.At kung handa ka na…

Kalabitin mo na lang ang baril sa iyong tabi at kitilin mo ang mga bagay na nagbaon sa iyo sa posisyong gusto mo nang sumuko,

Mahirap gawin ngunit ito lang ang susing magbubukas ng bagong bintana…

Para sa iyo at para sa akin…

Dahil pinagdaanan ko na rin ang sitwasyong yaon…

At sinumpa ko na wala nang madadamay pang iba…

Na malapit sa akin.