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Posted: March 31, 2015 in HAIKU, POETRY
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Impassable heart

Refuses to seep lilac beams

Lifeless, blood in vain.


Posted: March 30, 2015 in MY EXPERIENCE, POETRY
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(Originally written March 30,2014)

Back then were aliens and monsters
This time were mysteries I used to ponder
That always make me think
“How could they do that in a quick blink?”

I remembered one hazy March weather
When my bloodshot eyes unveiled a peculiar luster
All I’ve heard were trembling moans
That sound like sweet yet odd tones

Frozen in my bushy disguise
Like being stuck in an imaginary ice
I’ve witnessed the collision of incoming jet planes
The animals went wild in the wrong lanes

Unusual sightings continued to haunt me
As their temperatures rose unexpectedly
I couldn’t withstand the heat they’re giving
So I fell down in a ghostly building

Acids spat out on each other’s beak
Slender tongues simultaneously licked
As my tummy growled in disgust
Recovering from that gruesome blast

Tongue-twister speaking
While swiftly escaping
The dense, dark woods of ostriches
That gave me hundreds of stitches

My eyes close by themselves

Posted: March 29, 2015 in POETRY
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In just a blink

you sink


In just a flip

you sleep


In just a finger snap

you swap


Just in time my eyes close



Sink in the deep blue

Sleep in a white hue

Swap your soul from a mild dew to a mindless clue.


You are the lightest cotton ever lived

The flame shining fieriest, so naive

Still, you can’t be lit

Your candle is melted and split.


Are these true?

Are they real?

Are they new?

Are these surreal?


It’s drilling in my head

The pain, the memories

It’s quaking under my bed

The past, the miseries

It’s boring in my skin

The thoughts, the regrets

It’s dripping down my chin

The tears, the threats


Those are just walls

When I’m stone-walling

Those are just imageries

When I’m imagining

Not even knowing

That nightmares are dreams too


Until I close my eyes

And my tears drip, then





This time, my eyes close by themselves.

A Short Poem about a Dust

Posted: March 20, 2015 in POETRY
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Your existence is

always questioned

at high cost.


Such that your tininess

always blinds

the curious eyes.


Your solitary life

is destined to happen

with a magical burst.


Perhaps you chose

to be alone,

but with others.


Posted: March 15, 2015 in POETRY
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So this is a treat

So this is sweet

Is it transparent

Or a bit translucent?

You’re talking with him

My eyes are looking slim

Instead of focusing on you

I focus on the navy blue

And so yellow is a color

Why do my eyes sense an odor?

Does my nose see something

And what is this cunning feeling?

I must be soft

I must be affected

For every pinch, for every squeeze

I feel jelly.

I feel jealous.

Girls Who Love Reading

Posted: March 3, 2015 in HAIKU, POETRY
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Bubbly wandering

Of minds forged to love phrases

Milled from enchantment.

Winter Curse

Posted: February 21, 2015 in HAIKU
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Freezing woman from

Plants wither fast dear

You heart fizzles, leaves frozen

Hand so cold, so soft.

Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 15, 2015 in LOVE, POETRY
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Abstract Painting from

Abstract Painting from

eyes are glued, feeling’s taped

nothing can tamper the tight bonds

circling between two people

who are victims of stupid cupid

arrows strikes the innermost layer

everywhere, I only see a common figure

those red hues fill numerous cheeks

outnumbering the firefly-lit skies

gleaming hugs are still brighter

coming from luminous bodies

kisses perfectly baked

just for two persons

yet I feel “I’m not the only one”

who loves this day more than a sugar rush

heart bothers everyone when it’s beating.



Posted: February 10, 2015 in POETRY
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Contemporary Abstract Painting "Fleeting Memory" by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton.

Contemporary Abstract Painting “Fleeting Memory” by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton.

Smoky questions

ready to sink

in any place, anytime

time fades like

specks of powder

in moon-bound volcano

harassed by thunder cries

blessed by ashed feathers

down to crimson lake

stupid call of nature

a shout out to fellows

in yellow arrows going up

the lone shrill of glee

crossing across rivulets

overflowing with mystic tears

where finest drops are harvested

tunes sway in folks’ heads

stringing every fiber

of time and space

things harnessed

from best lights of future

seem temporary, leaving easily

momentary presents handed

to match expectations

but still remain as illusions.

Meteor Shower

Posted: February 9, 2015 in HAIKU, POETRY
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Credits to

Credits to

Gazing in smooth trail

Behold the art of free-fall

Breath-taking gold tail.