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Hi! thanks for stopping  by on my blog!

Just like some of you, I’m a young man who is an avid fan of video games, music etc. In addition, I also love literature exceedingly. Yes, I’m a certified gamer and music junkie, but it seems that there’s something cool in literature which I find more interesting than the two.

As a literature-reared boy, I grew watching classic children shows like Sesame street, Simpsons etc. Day by day, I was also nurtured by books which I read that inspired me to write prose, poems, short stories and other forms of literary stuff . By the way, I’m a fan of some notable writers and poets like Dennis Lehane, Stephen King, Garth Stein and Robert Frost to name a few. (Do we have the same liking in literature? hehe)

If you are fan of literature especially poems, I would really appreciate your dropping by in advance because this site is intentionally my sanctuary of emotions: deep thoughts about life, struggles and other factual topics written in the most sincere way. (But some are just products of imagination so bear with me LOL)

P.S My blog has also some works written in my mother tongue (Filipino) which I think won’t bother you hahaha! But I’m trying my best to just write works in English.

If you have a poetic taste, you can find all my haikus and poems @https://www.wattpad.com/user/ChaseMckenzie


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