Where is God? (Why we don’t see him?)



whereLife is a beautiful trap but this trap can be in the form of blessing in disguise. You felt thankful three hours ago when your parents didn’t permit you to leave. They wanted you to be safe. Unknowingly, you didn’t know what happened. If they let you leave, you could have ended dead in the bus that you were about to ride few moments ago.

I recall the times when I was 14 years old. I asked my teacher if she sees God.

“Have you already seen Him ma’am?”

“No. I just felt His presence.”

This made me curious. If people don’t see God, why do they pray? I get more doubtful of His existence. If God isn’t here,then where is He? If God is invisible, does he speak or at least feel?

It worried me: why can’t I see Him?

“Have you felt depressed or alone?”. A voice came from behind. I got shivers and I grew tensed. “Come here, I’ll help you.” The chills became more intense.

I didn’t see Him anywhere but his voice speaks his whereabouts. He was there, sitting on the corner, waiting for me. This was no concrete corner. When I mean corner of something pertains to the corner of our faith.

A strong faith is a foundation of strong belief. We need to unlearn many things, the same way that we learn new ones. But I don’t know where to hide or where to….

“Where will you run?”

I ran to Him. I’m not a fully devoted Christian. I don’t go to church every Sundays. I tell him, “Does it make me sinful?”. I’m slowly getting to the point of curling. “No, I loved you.” was his response. “If people don’t love you, I will love you relentlessly.”

He has this selfless love that is rarely seen on the streets. If you feel unloved, let Him know. He will love you with His mild grace.

If you are born poor, it won’t mean that you will also die as poor. You are already sufficient with His Grace. Just so you don’t know the importance of small things.

If you are weak, He will lift you up. Just so you don’t know the importance of a healthy spiritual living.

If you are sad, he will turn those frowns into rainbow smiles. Just so you don’t know the rain and sunlight: the problems and hopes.

He will hold your hand until your fears return to the deep wells of your negativities. We ask for forgiveness of our sins and He stays true in His word.

We don’t see him physically but his radiance is pure. His love to us can’t be measured in terms of money or time. He just needs your time. You just need to be patient.

Where is God?

Here, in my side.





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