U, The Second Home


When we say home, that is our humble abode to peace and love. Whenever I ask someone their second home, they will answer school. I suppose they will say it because their teacher is their second parent and the school is a good place to sleep which is ridiculously true. What do you think of having a second home?

Strangely as it seems, my thoughts are glued to universe. Up above the clouds is the wonderwall of stars which spreads lustrous glitters right before our eyes. Extending beyond it lies a vast galactical space which is a home to planetary dusts, celestial bodies and planets. Unlike school, universe has no rooms. It is an open field which seems endless and void of human sound. You can only hear a crashing of heavenly body to another or a collision of planets. Even an explosion of a celestial entity can be seen there. In universe, the bizarre silence is what I love. My ears implode to the sound of zooming meteorites. That is a dreamy tickle. One night, I imagine myself inside this enormous basin. I tend to float in zero gravity while seeing specks of stars scattered everywhere. It is just marvelous. I get to see how planets rotate like a top. Million kilometers from where I swim motionless, I witness some exo planets. Some people say they are homes of aliens which by this day is still under astronomical studies. The universe’s subtlety is what makes it interesting. Its land area is fathomless; even millions of rulers cannot measure its depth. Even the greatest astronomers cannot reach its end. It is quietly mysterious like the black hole inside it. Scientists fear that one day the entire galaxy will be sucked up by this blackhole! It is a ruthless, empty hole that is believed to dwell somewhere; even light cannot escape from it. My assumptions are still crawling in its corners because there is this theory that continues to disturb my inner peace. If people is being controlled by the brain, could it possibly happen that the whole universe is just a brain of someone? It may sound absurd but who knows if it is true or not. Going back to basics, where all that we know about universe is the sun and the solar system. If I’m an inhabitant of the universe, I could see the sun closely just before I melt in front of it. It is an extremely hot ball. Imagine billions of erupting volcanoes!

From earth, we see it as a disco ball hanging from a string, giving life to us. If there is no sun, life will not be possible on earth. Earth will be a cold, dark abyss. On the other hand, if there is no moon, there will be no light at night. The moon is like a mirror which reflects light from the sun. Also, we could have missed the sky bathing in moonlight. What a sight to behold while a tear is dripping from an eye. Just beautiful.

Have you wondered how universe moves you to space and time? It rends the air of sadness and creates a special way of happiness. If there is anything valuable than it besides being a second home, it conspires with our thoughts as well in our dreams.


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