Singlehood – Is it a big deal?



Being single – one of the loneliest feelings that one can ever experience.

You are with your friend; walking in the park, shopping at the mall and going to school together. Suddenly, you feel something thunderous. Yes it’s just a feeling towards a friend but admit it, there’s a bout of shuddering shakes quaking inside you. You can’t say a word. There’s a single time you run out of words to express. But who knows, that feeling is still mystic and unknown at the same time. Most people are afraid of being single forever. Truly they need someone to be with. Someone who can pour them a heavy dose of happiness. Someone who can fill their emptiness and replace their frowns with smiles reaching miles to miles. Someone who can pluck the stars from the heavenly tree. Something like those.

They say that the more loyal you are, the more you can get disappointments. The logic is, the more you expect a perfect relationship, the more you will end up with a downhill roll. Problem is, we always look for a quintessential soulmate. Her eyes match her lips, her nose suits the shape of her face. Her attitude fits the way she speaks. The other downside is, if we can’t find our desired qualities in a person, we tend to break from those bonds worth freeing. As if we sometimes cling on a tendency of another wrong encounter again. And there goes another slap of disappointment.

Do you want to be single forever?

I get used to hearing this question as if they encourage you to be in a relationship. People, especially teens, mostly below my age (okay include my age if you want to), are always active when the talking gets more intriguing about singlehood. They take it as a serious matter which should be given attention. I don’t think so, but the burgeoning mindsets of young people snowball in reality. I believe that the t.v. shows have an immense effect on their minds since a lot of shows portray heartbreak and love affair.

You could be single forever if you want to, and it could become a habit that you can carry the rest of your life. Singlehood is more of self-discovering: how and why you treasure yourself first before anything else. It buys you more time to know yourself better. It reveals your flaws and it suggests what you can improve for yourself. Before knocking someone else’s door and tackling someone with your soft heart, be sure that you are already prepared for the consequences that might follow.

Before throwing your hopes to another person, be sure that the next time you hook someone up, you are more mature and stronger than before.

Singlehood not only teaches us to be independent; it also lets us learn to thrive in different environments and adapt to the various attitudes of the people that we met. It may sound easy to be in a relationship because the stomping call of love is inevitable yet you can condone your emotions to stay as neutral as possible. Nobody knows for sure but one thing is just sure: people who have been single for a long time will find a better partner( cause they know themselves much better with depth and understanding) than those who rush for nothing, only to end in tears and tissue papers.


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