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Sadness begins in our experiences and starts creeping from our feet to our head. We wander like a lost child in the desert, as we grieve and long for a feeling that we seek, particularly when we get rejected or ignored. On the other hand, when we are happy, we just live through the thing that we love to do. Furthermore, these feelings affect how we write our poems, and how interpretations convey the picture of a specific piece.

Have you ever wondered why can you write fast and meaningful when you’re sad? That’s because you assume yourself as entirety of the poem. Imagine your experiences ; the pain, the heartbreaks and vile reminders of an obnoxious encounter. Sadness is a grave feeling that we used to hide but difficult to hold on. Moreover, it takes time to recover; to run away from the forest surrounded by the lonely vibes of the past. When you are unhappy, you lift yourself effortlessly in the air, only to permit overflowing ideas to crash through the humongous stones at the corners of our way of thinking. The state of despair also tells us that there is something that we should get rid out of our comfort zone, because we feel quite downcast behind the shadows that we cast. Visualize yourself walking the wintry mountain, cold and alone. You look for someone who can catch a fire for you but in reality you can’t even see them. Compared to poetry, the only person who can ignite spirits to commence elimination of unwanted emotions is you. You are the one who can set the fire to rain afterwards. In short, sorrow draws a response to us to make a way out, or shortcut to happiness.
Ever wonder why it is just hard to write when happy? Because when we are in summer-bound bliss, we enjoy the moment. When we are glad and floating in cloud nine, we are high like we never notice what is going on at the time except for eternal euphoria that seem to take the shape of our temporary emotions.So much for that, time ticks slower than usual when overjoy kills its tempo. Meanwhile, it glues yourself to that moment until you get tired and get over the fleeting ecstatic tickle. Then later you will just realize that it’s time to write poems again and you find it easier than before.

What Hides Behind Her Smile?

Posted: February 19, 2017 in THOUGHTS

I only caught her silhouette sitting just few inches from me. She was average in height, and there were cold bags that occupied the space beneath her eyes.

I was motionless and muted with all the voices around me. There was an empty, narrow aisle which was a home to slippers and shoes. To my left was a window, and fresh air was all that I got. I could smell different kinds of perfume but I didn’t know where they came from. Looking back to the vehicle’s rear, chasing cars and bikes were the common things to see. Nothing else to discover – nothing new.

The whole day was tiring, and math lessons kept my head spinning until my peripheral vision captured an unusual face. It was not a beautiful face that we always see in the t.v. but it was also not that revolting. To think she was not a dream girl that ( I think) can captivate our hearts instantly, she had this kind of eyes that have a curious sparkle to strangers.They hit me between my eyes and I’m kind of stoned to my position.

Turned out she’s as young as her heart. And I thought she could be more approachable when I looked to her round eyes.

For a moment of silence, the winds have changed and they turned cold. It seemed that post-December breeze had hit my face.

Just when the twilight crunched the blackness and whiteness, and the road was quite nigh to our house, she went down the vehicle with this “strikingly lovely” gaze that ensnared me for a couple of seconds.

She wasn’t perfect like the girls that I normally see every day but she had this thing that separates her from other girls that I’ve seen. If I say that a stare is cute or charming, it would be overrated.

Despite of that, I won’t bother mentioning that her right cheek dimple is too deep that it seems to light her whole day in the dark.

Thinking that something had made her more alluring, that was her smile that stopped my world for two seconds. Nothing else- somewhat new.