Short Reflection of Randomness

Random Abstract by slayerslat

There was this time when I want to glimpse over the clouds above. It was really a feeling I can’t contain. It was blue all over. I can’t help but to contemplate.

As I head to home a while ago, a quick rush of childish images have blurred the sights. It was invisible to all people except me. Flashy, emphatic – it has appeared for a short time. Two children straying on a street. They beg for food and people just pass by.

Another sight I saw was nature. She was crying. I looked lowly on the window to the river. Crying again. She was sad. She has this dress but not a chic and fashionable outfit. Decorations burst on her face. Black. All black. Dirt.Nothing but dirt.

Pollution. That’s the design.

Thirty minutes of space-warping imagining was full of unexpectedness. Will the driver ask me for an additional fare if he ever caught me swimming in a different world? The same world that I dwelt temporarily for thirty short minutes. No one will understand my weirdness except me. Oh wait. I’m wrong. You have read this so I bet you understand this right?

I wrote this for 15 minutes as time faded in my screen. Seven minutes have passed now. I was still typing. Non-stop until there’s no word left to spit. My brain would explode until it becomes a star. My imagination will become hues of summer.Tinted like autumn leaves that bounces rarely. Not even close I can get thrilled in my writing. It was randomness. Some sort of interstellar connection with the universe. Won’t you believe that whenever you contemplate, the whole universe listens until your pleads become stardust. Four minutes remaining in my time until I become a full-grown speck of galactical matter.

The next moment was for three minutes to leave the shop and to continue being child again for few hours, hoping that the next morning I will be a part of the so- called happy group of dust called sun.



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