Does handwriting define who we are?

My messy handwriting

Who the hell cares in handwriting? As for others, it doesn’t mean something. Some say that handwriting does matter so much because it reflects your attitude.

Well, my handwriting appears to be really disorganized. To be honest, my handwriting varies depending on my mood. When I’m feeling good that day, expect my penmanship to be really smooth, very glossy and distinct. On the other hand, when I go home with a bad day, my handwriting would tend to be jagged, tiring and unaligned.

It’s truly a major impression when a handwriting is pleasant in everyone’s sight. Psychologists say that a person’s handwriting defines his/her attitude, which nearly hit my point. I just wish that it won’t also signify a person’s physique because sometimes, my handwriting is so unstable that it becomes really fat (lol I don’t want to be fat though haha).

So my handwriting is untidy. Does it suggest I’m also untidy when it comes to taking care of things? I must say yes. I have to admit it that my room is so dirty too. Lots of paper scattered in the closet, floor and dark places like corners.

My mind can be chaotic at times, especially those times when mixed emotions stir the tempo of my mood. I couldn’t sleep well. I couldn’t study well. I couldn’t even get a book from the mini shelf. I guess when a wicked hurricane tackles me so badly that day, my works are all being involved. From socializing to writing, my appetite would reach a serious decrementation. Honestly speaking mates. It will ruin my whole day.

Looking at the natural side of it, do writers care much in their penmanship? Based on my acquired knowledge, writers do not necessarily care in their handwriting. As much as they have written their pieces, they are already satisfied in that. And you know what? Writers have the messiest handwriting because due to the fact that they think fast, they write what they brainstorm so fast that they don’t mind anymore how decent their writings could end. But that doesn’t mean that all writers possess the same ability because I’ve also known some writers who have those sexy handwriting ( and with curves nuff said haha).

It’s up to you whether you disagree or not about the concept behind our handwriting. No matter who you are, I’m 100% sure that your handwriting sits beside a crown while smiling behind the clouds underneath the star-dusted galaxy. Every handwriting is genuine. It just takes someone to see it the right way; the suitable improvisation to place words nicely after our hands seize enough air to let our feelings fly freely, then later crash in the paper. Handwriting is more of self-discovery, as those lines we draw are what represent us in the future :the thing that we called life.


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