How it feels to be unlucky




El Desdichado (The Unlucky One) by Michael Ayrton

You know that moment when you did your best but just ended up as failure? You know that moment when you expect things to be better but turned out worse?

You know those moments, right? What could possibly go wrong on them?

Most of us expect things to be great. Most of us rely on the brighter side of everything. Most of us eye for the light than darkness? But why there are incidents in our life that we just want to give up?  By mere fate? By strange chance? Or they are just bound to happen?

This is it. Friday. Just an ordinary day until my patience runs out. You know the game Dota 2? Well there’s what we called recycling of items which involves sacrificing ten items for  crucible charm jewel which contains lots of bundles (sets for heroes). If you predicted right ( that your team will win), you will gain one win. Win three battles and there you go, happy bundle! But if you predicted wrong and lose two battles, OMG, say bye to bundles and say hi to fragments. I have two charms, assuming that I will win them two. But damn, I felt so unlucky that day because I lose them both. I was really reckless in risking the charms until I figured out that i should first think of pros and cons before placing it on a danger zone. Bad luck and bad day= worst feeling. Sad life indeed.

The bad luck continued to roll on. Saturday. It’s our play today but sadly we didn’t win. I knew we did our bestest of the best but it turned out that the plaque wasn’t for us. I knew I might sound bitter here but this wasn’t the unlucky day for me. Holy wood of rainforest, the charm fragment curse resumed to amaze me. Amaze me to be annoyed again. You know that moment when you’re already at the end, so close yet so far still from the reach? You know that single push which is hard to do, simply because something seems to be dictating you inside your head? Well, bad luck mate. Bad luck. And the worst this day was when my aunt didn’t allow me to go to our overnight agreement. Sigh. I’d explained everything to her, but it seems that there’s a ringing force around me, hindering me from going. This was for project but for pete’s sake, I was just allowed to stay at house instead of doing our project. I didn’t have the force to reckon that I was right all along. Maybe they just cared for me. I understood that. They just cared for me.

How it feels to be unlucky the whole day?

-Your patience goes out of meter.

-Your blood boils like 100 degrees

-Skins go rough and cold( like reptiles)

-Notice the lines on the forehead. Yes, they stiffen.

-Eyes? Hmm. They are full of fury.

-Your hands want to punch someone but you can’t really do.

-You blame everything.

-You curse those who/what lead to your bad luck.

-You wish that this day is just a dream

-You wish to give up ( or try again next time then fail again)

For me, being unlucky is another term for chance dependents, considering that a bad luck is just a slight error to take note. Bad luck may affect the mood. It can ruin the whole good day. Even the whole week but not for months or years ( ’cause it may sound to be unrealistic). Unlucky persons tend to depend on good luck, thinking of things to be achieved shortly with little effort. Woah, does it sound like me? Haha. I guess so.

Today I realized something. The more we depend on luck, the more we get stressful when we don’t get the things we wanted. The more we think of luck, the more we forget the more realistic side of living. Let’s be thankful that we’re still here, living a normal and happy life even after a bad day. Let us also think of others who are not into living a normal life. They don’t deserve that miserable life, but we choose our life to be miserable. All of us undergo problems and sacrifices, it’s just the time that never ceases to unravel the angles of our different perspective when it comes to luck. Time is a tool that knows if luck is in our side or not. Fate could be reliable too, but fate could carry us into believing that all things come at the right time on the right track.

Who knows where time and fate might send you? Only God knows what’s best for us. No matter how unlucky or lucky our day is, he always seeks the best solutions in life. Indeed, everything happens for a reason. It just depends on us if we want to give up or carry on living.

Beginning this day, practice saying God bless instead of Good luck because you are blessed and not just lucky! 😉



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