Just A Dream



drown dream
Drowning by Pretty-Angel

Today I was bothered fast

By an alarm that didn’t last

I was awakened, she’s gone!

And left my house with things undone!

Packed the stuff I’ll carry

And be ready for a journey

I conditioned myself for a while

Then began walking an endless mile

First, I traversed the Amazon rainforests

Just to find you, my toughest test

Though beasts and tribes are chasing

I’ve searched, but I ended up nothing and running!

Nearly hopeless yet I soon landed

Sahara desert though Im half-dead

I roamed the vast land under the scorching heat

You’re not there again, so I lose my heartbeat

My cold nostalgia chilled me longing

Yet I’ve arrived in Antartica, panting

Amidst blizzards and hailstorms, I laid a vow

That how harsh fate is, I won’t give up somehow

Finally I set sail to Pacific Ocean

Swam the azure water with sharks and crustaceans

Dived to the darkest bottom to seek a light

A light of yours, my delight

I ended up nothing after the journey

Like losing in a tourney

Then suddenly, a soft hand touched my back

I shed tons of tears, she came back!

I thought I was forever cursed alone

My broken chords were finally toned

As this girl tuned my life to 123 hertz

To the flawless rhythm of our beating hearts

One day, we agreed to jump off the cliff

To prove our love till death, in a mid-air drift

About to fall headfirst, we held hands and screamed

Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream!!


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