Don’t Give Up (c) (c)

When all deeds in your life

Bear no fruits but strife

Look again at the skies

Stare at them and think twice

Am I supposed to be glad?

Or should I wince in pain and feel sad?

For these failures that I accomplished

Instead of good things that I will cherish

I heaved a big sigh

And asked GOD , ”Why?”

People out there are many

But why did YOU choose me?

The world is teeming with selfish persons

Those who deserve more sufferings for some reasons

Those who are more deserving than me

But ALMIGHTY, why did YOU choose me?

Weeps poured my room,bouncing back and forth

I was about to lose my grip as my last resort

When a distorted voice covered my room

And whispered, “don’t worry son, you will lately bloom”

“Sorry if I let you down,

And sometimes if I make you frown,

But please, don’t consider failures bad,

Instead, treasure them as inspirations my dear lad”

“I gave them for you to be stronger,

Stronger than before, best like no other,

So just keep striving; struggle till the ending,

Be down-to-earth and don’t give up dreaming!”


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