Untitled From Nowhere

By Sam Gilliam

I was dancing cold throughout the night

Waltzing alone until twilight breaks the light

Then I see a shadow, strange and small

It’s height is neither low nor tall

My mind flashes and sees a silhouette

Of a girl who is a 5ft brunette

I was blinded by her shiny eyeglasses

For a moment, my heart ceases

Her eyes move like pendulum, Im hypnotized

They look at me like Medusa’s, now Im paralyzed

Her appearance is so strong  that Im magnetized

A cold voice whips and Im frozen and immobilized

I was later thawed by her fiery touch

Her  tanned-skin ignites like a burning match

But please don’t roast my heart too long

Like leaving me under the sun writing a summer song

I can really feel her rushing affection

It’s flowing to my veins like a soothing potion

It’s rejuvenating yet it kills me in slow motion

Like euthanasia, from a heart-shattering infection

Trembling beneath the grounds

The echoing name of you that resounds

My heart seems to crack up a crevasse

Everytime you disappear in my sight fast

I look at the sky and it seems so gloomy

I think of something for a second, it’s very risky

Loving  you is disastrous I must say

Like a strong hurricane which can blow us away

Upon writing this I was in dreamyard

Imagining those sightings like a retard

I maybe a bipolar person and crazy

But that’s just normal between you and me

Rolling eyes,floating imagination

Yawning sound as deep as ocean’s motion

Nonsense thoughts, idle talks

Overthinking words like breaking stalks

There goes my poem with abstract message

That is more like a weird passage

I can’t even think of a good title elsewhere

So I just entitled it “UNTITLED FROM NOWHERE”


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