The Fascination of an Introvert Boy


dreamer boy
Dreaming Boy by Walter Gramatte

The tale has opened its doors from a train

For the thirsty ears swimming in the rain

Rain reeking of hunger and twisted pain

Breezing along heartfelt, warm feelings, feigned

Egghead, oh what a package you’ve gotten!

That beauty behind lens makes one molten

“Wink, wink”, her black eyeballs can seal a soul

“Quiet”, one voice said, “quickly lie and roll.”

Some folks say she is a nerdy fairy

Lurking in corners, waiting quietly

Silencing preys with a venomous glare

A kiss in the heart, boys’ sweetest nightmare

Haha! You think it’s already over?

The dark tale continues to take over

The minds of the weak, enfeebling like leaf

Veins are pierced; flesh is ripped, bleeding green beef

Beware of the Goofy face’s killer smile

It will render you helpless for a while

Leaving you breathless, stuck in oily face

Seeing her deep eyebags will make you race

Terror looms in the eyes, shaking intensely

You can’t flee the growing intensity

“By the time your eyes and her’s interlock

She’ll tear you to shreds, there’s no more big luck”

Long dead and long gone yet the fog covers up

A fancy myth which sets a chancy trap

Look to your left, to your right, there she goes

At your back, or above, sneaking like ghost

Witness men say that she’s cold, smoking hot

Face almost in perfection, red lips but

Don’t fall for her, ’cause she’s a heartbreaker

Just keep your cool, she’ll be good as ever

Vicious storm brews, stars glow from afar

The rumors buzz like huge bugs trained in war

“Don’t go near her”, a lady once told me

I’m reckless so I risk a chance to see

A glint of silver fills her auburn hair

The fragrance of the place mixes with air

People called her as a heartless stunner

But to those who see the realest, she’s summer

Of all tales told and passed from time to time

These tales are making me wasting some time

Tasting messages with shallow thinking

I don’t know how I ended with this thing

And of all stories about weird women

Committing a perfect crime to few men

Those girls jog in my head, blowing my mind

And sand escapes from hourglass, crawling fine

“Wait, where did introvert boy go?”, I ask

Flip a page, hear a tale, throw a coal mask

He’s missing ’cause he’s just here, still glimpsing

To girls like autumn, making him falling.


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