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Winter Curse

Posted: February 21, 2015 in HAIKU
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Freezing woman from

Plants wither fast dear

You heart fizzles, leaves frozen

Hand so cold, so soft.

Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 15, 2015 in LOVE, POETRY
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Abstract Painting from

Abstract Painting from

eyes are glued, feeling’s taped

nothing can tamper the tight bonds

circling between two people

who are victims of stupid cupid

arrows strikes the innermost layer

everywhere, I only see a common figure

those red hues fill numerous cheeks

outnumbering the firefly-lit skies

gleaming hugs are still brighter

coming from luminous bodies

kisses perfectly baked

just for two persons

yet I feel “I’m not the only one”

who loves this day more than a sugar rush

heart bothers everyone when it’s beating.



Posted: February 10, 2015 in POETRY
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Contemporary Abstract Painting "Fleeting Memory" by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton.

Contemporary Abstract Painting “Fleeting Memory” by Intuitive Artist Joan Fullerton.

Smoky questions

ready to sink

in any place, anytime

time fades like

specks of powder

in moon-bound volcano

harassed by thunder cries

blessed by ashed feathers

down to crimson lake

stupid call of nature

a shout out to fellows

in yellow arrows going up

the lone shrill of glee

crossing across rivulets

overflowing with mystic tears

where finest drops are harvested

tunes sway in folks’ heads

stringing every fiber

of time and space

things harnessed

from best lights of future

seem temporary, leaving easily

momentary presents handed

to match expectations

but still remain as illusions.

Meteor Shower

Posted: February 9, 2015 in HAIKU, POETRY
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Credits to

Credits to

Gazing in smooth trail

Behold the art of free-fall

Breath-taking gold tail.

Don’t Give Up

Posted: February 9, 2015 in POETRY
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When all deeds in your life

Bear no fruits but strife

Look again at the skies

Stare at them and think twice

Am I supposed to be glad?

Or should I wince in pain and feel sad?

For these failures that I accomplished

Instead of good things that I will cherish

I heaved a big sigh

And asked GOD , ”Why?”

People out there are many

But why did YOU choose me?

The world is teeming with selfish persons

Those who deserve more sufferings for some reasons

Those who are more deserving than me

But ALMIGHTY, why did YOU choose me?

Weeps poured my room,bouncing back and forth

I was about to lose my grip as my last resort

When a distorted voice covered my room

And whispered, “don’t worry son, you will lately bloom”

“Sorry if I let you down,

And sometimes if I make you frown,

But please, don’t consider failures bad,

Instead, treasure them as inspirations my dear lad”

“I gave them for you to be stronger,

Stronger than before, best like no other,

So just keep striving; struggle till the ending,

Be down-to-earth and don’t give up dreaming!”

Just A Dream

Posted: February 9, 2015 in LOVE, POETRY
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Today I was bothered fast

By an alarm that didn’t last

I was awakened, she’s gone!

And left my house with things undone!

Packed the stuffs I’ll carry

And be ready for a journey

I conditioned myself for a while

Then began walking an endless mile

First, I traversed the Amazon rainforests

Just to find you, my toughest test

Though beasts and tribes are chasing

I’ve searched, but I ended up nothing and running!

Nearly hopeless yet I soon landed

Sahara desert though Im half-dead

I roamed the vast land under the scorching heat

You’re not there again, so I lose my heartbeat

My cold nostalgia chilled me longing

Yet I’ve arrived in Antartica, panting

Amidst blizzards and hailstorms, I laid a vow

That how harsh fate is, I won’t give up somehow

Finally I set sail to Pacific Ocean

Swam the azure water with sharks and crustaceans

Dived to the darkest bottom to seek a light

A light of yours, my delight

I ended up nothing after the journey

Like losing in a tourney

Then suddenly, a soft hand touched my back

I shed tons of tears, she came back!

I thought I was forever cursed alone

My broken chords were finally toned

As this girl tuned my life to 123 hertz

To the flawless rhythm of our beating hearts

One day, we agreed to jump off the cliff

To prove our love till death, in a mid-air drift

About to fall headfirst, we held hands and screamed

Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream!!

Untitled From Nowhere

Posted: February 8, 2015 in POETRY
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I was dancing cold throughout the night

Waltzing alone until twilight breaks the light

Then I see a shadow, strange and small

It’s height is neither low nor tall

My mind flashes and sees a silhouette

Of a girl who is a 5ft brunette

I was blinded by her shiny eyeglasses

For a moment, my heart ceases

Her eyes move like pendulum, Im hypnotized

They look at me like Medusa’s, now Im paralyzed

Her appearance is so strong  that Im magnetized

A cold voice whips and Im frozen and immobilized

I was later thawed by her fiery touch

Her  tanned-skin ignites like a burning match

But please don’t roast my heart too long

Like leaving me under the sun writing a summer song

I can really feel her rushing affection

It’s flowing to my veins like a soothing potion

It’s rejuvenating yet it kills me in slow motion

Like euthanasia, from a heart-shattering infection

Trembling beneath the grounds

The echoing name of you that resounds

My heart seems to crack up a crevasse

Everytime you disappear in my sight fast

I look at the sky and it seems so gloomy

I think of something for a second, it’s very risky

Loving  you is disastrous I must say

Like a strong hurricane which can blow us away

Upon writing this I was in dreamyard

Imagining those sightings like a retard

I maybe a bipolar person and crazy

But that’s just normal between you and me

Rolling eyes,floating imagination

Yawning sound as deep as ocean’s motion

Nonsense thoughts, idle talks

Overthinking words like breaking stalks

There goes my poem with abstract message

That is more like a weird passage

I can’t even think of a good title elsewhere

So I just entitled it “UNTITLED FROM NOWHERE”


Posted: February 8, 2015 in POETRY
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photo from

Without rest, perhaps without pauses or stops

As he tickles her strands with timely drops

Gold, her hair, milk, her skin

Down to her body, smooth and thin

Most of the time, she sleeps by his side

Forget about the blanket that’s open wide

Weekdays, he’s alone in a white prism

Bored and forsaken, just alive in rhythm

She can’t talk nor cry, she knows nothing

But she’s not deaf nor ignorant in feeling

She’s special in her own unique way

In her angelic lullaby that no one could ever play

Sweet melody, flowing through his ears

Symphony, that’s the only one he hears

She always loves to whistle, as he caresses her body

Tempo, beat, hands strum so moody

He summon her into his arms

To hear his beats and charms

Only a time when he misses erstwhile Andrea

To get his guitar embraced in warmth,raised as Franchesca.

The Fascination of an Introvert Boy

Posted: February 8, 2015 in POETRY
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The tale has opened its doors from a train

For the thirsty ears swimming in the rain

Rain reeking of hunger and twisted pain

Breezing along heartfelt, warm feelings, feigned

Egghead, oh what a package you’ve gotten!

That beauty behind lens makes one molten

“Wink, wink”, her black eyeballs can seal a soul

“Quiet”, one voice said, “quickly lie and roll.”

Some folks say she is a nerdy fairy

Lurking in corners, waiting quietly

Silencing preys with a venomous glare

A kiss in the heart, boys’ sweetest nightmare

Haha! You think it’s already over?

The dark tale continues to take over

The minds of the weak, enfeebling like leaf

Veins are pierced; flesh is ripped, bleeding green beef

Beware of the Goofy face’s killer smile

It will render you helpless for a while

Leaving you breathless, stuck in oily face

Seeing her deep eyebags will make you race

Terror looms in the eyes, shaking intensely

You can’t flee the growing intensity

“By the time your eyes and her’s interlock

She’ll tear you to shreds, there’s no more big luck”

Long dead and long gone yet the fog covers up

A fancy myth which sets a chancy trap

Look to your left, to your right, there she goes

At your back, or above, sneaking like ghost

Witness men say that she’s cold, smoking hot

Face almost in perfection, red lips but

Don’t fall for her, ’cause she’s a heartbreaker

Just keep your cool, she’ll be good as ever

Vicious storm brews, stars glow from afar

The rumors buzz like huge bugs trained in war

“Don’t go near her”, a lady once told me

I’m reckless so I risk a chance to see

A glint of silver fills her auburn hair

The fragrance of the place mixes with air

People called her as a heartless stunner

But to those who see the realest, she’s summer

Of all tales told and passed from time to time

These tales are making me wasting some time

Tasting messages with shallow thinking

I don’t know how I ended with this thing

And of all stories about weird women

Committing a perfect crime to few men

Those girls jog in my head, blowing my mind

And sand escapes from hourglass, crawling fine

“Wait, where did introvert boy go?”, I ask

Flip a page, hear a tale, throw a coal mask

He’s missing ’cause he’s just here, still glimpsing

To girls like autumn, making him falling.


Posted: February 7, 2015 in THOUGHTS
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I don’t know what to write for this day. Things are random and I’m a bit shaky. I can’t describe the things that happened today. All I want is sleep,sleep,sleep and more sleep. ❤ ❤

I’m craving for it honestly. I just want to relax after a long tiring day. My energy’s drained. My body’s worn-out.My mind’s weakened. My bed’s ready for another  action. Just a passive action.

I’m going to sleep now. Sweet dreams ahead of us!