Where Things Go Flat


Camping Bears by Bill Davidow

5 am is the time

And being late is a crime

City’s running noisy

Neighbors are still sleepy


My mates are excited

To a get-away we wanted

Backpacks are bloated

Smiling faces are scattered


Jeepneys drive the dawn crazy

Slippers and shoes crack partly

Bones rattle like toys

Girls are chilling with boys


Daylight is peeking

Like this sweet vibe flowing

All over the school

That is both warm and cool.


Cool because of the breeze

Warm because of the hearts that never cease

To share a new thread

That will soon weave memories out of body and head.


Now we’re going to a place

Where trees are evergreen

Where adults are young again

Where comrades will found another hands

Where clans will unite as one


In a place where things go flat

But not the experiences

Just the things that will go flat

Like bags and stomachs.



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