Caught in the Rain


Caught in the Rain by Vernet

I was sitting on a small porch, on the other side

Of the street, waiting to cross the line

But then the rain poured so wide

That it stretched your space close to mine


Now you’re bleeding transparently

With no wounds to see, just cold body

I opened my umbrella, hoping to walk

Towards you, but I couldn’t even talk


As soon as I reached the middle

You’re still standing still

The way you gazed at me made me dwindle

Judging your beat to sense my will


I took one step toward you

You moved one step next to me

The warmth you gave killed my flu

And instantly healed me


Clouds grew darker, winds went sullen

Drops from above fell thick to my head

I wondered why you’re quiet like muffled golden

Gleaming in water full of dread


Just in time our eyes interlocked

You let your hands slipped in my arm

As if our ghosts left our bodies to get knocked

While your head rested against my shoulder to keep you warm


My umbrella escaped from my grasp

Free fly, free fall in the air

Ice-bound frogs making a rasp

Like evaporating despair


We joined the rain, greeting the mist

Dancing while dodging every little drop

Passing through clouds like blowing a kiss

And you lay down with a green grass in your lap


I wished everyday would be like this

So calm and beautiful how water cured my pain

With someone to hold, someone to kiss

While being caught in the rain.




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