A Letter to Stranger

time   sasas
A display of an irregular heartbeat of the boy while writing this letter to an imaginary recipient.

Dear Imaginary Soul,

I’m sure you’re not that used to reading a letter. But this time, please diffuse this time bomb that continuously ticks inside my heart. It keeps on emitting a sound that only one person could hear. It is destined just for you. The timer is so wicked that it only chooses its favorite victim. But please, don’t go. I will find a way to get rid of that sound. I just need you.

It’s hard to fall when someone’s not ready to catch. But I’m not assuming. After all this storm of unrequited love clouding on my mind, I know it’s still up to time. Things are just forming make-shift feelings I couldn’t abandon. I was soft for all I know, but you have no idea how hard my stiffened heartstrings are. It beats me up for I’m vulnerable to rejection. And I hate the breeze tickling my ears, suggesting that people could just ignore me every day. In every way, I become the witness of your elegance. My eyes are such fools if I say I haven’t seen an angel sent from above. So enticingly exceptional, your face is carved from finest ivories stolen from heavenly balconies. Only if I could touch your voice, this timer set to mine will fade in azure air. So to speak, your words count as a remedy to this malady.

I could take it all. Not paying attention to me every day is not a big deal nor the worst downside among all which is death. It tears me up as a hot sensation dictates me that I couldn’t keep in touch with you, even for a single moment. Frozen and tangled in vines that are constricting me, I will walk towards the path where you are. No matter how far or impossible. Even in seas, mountains, or jungles, I will make a way just to search the light inside you I’m longing.

You grew bored yesterday, you pouted. Seeds didn’t sprout last night because you didn’t shine on them. Mark my word, I will regain what has lost; the light of life you possessed. In return, please set me free from the bomb that haunts me. I also grew cold. I need your warmth. Let there be light which will rejuvenate my wounds of the past.

Night still remains unlit by your smile. But my feelings won’t change. Even a single move won’t make me give up.

But I have to accept the situation. We’re trapped in a dark predicament of not seeing tomorrow not by our eyes, but our hearts. I’m coward. I live in cotton-clad home. I badly need you. Nothing feels like home when you’re thousand miles away.I feel left alone, isolated,desolated. I was consumed by my own greed. It seems like morning’s too far away from our reach.

I hope this letter has arrived to you because it maybe my last. Receiving this letter would be a relief for me, even my demise is already pulling me out.

In no time, I would explode but please bear with me.Give me a soothing kiss I can’t forget.

For I know that things will not last anymore after a big blast.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Nameless Boy

3:25 p.m.



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